The Porcelain Doctor is “IN”The Porcelain Doctor
Restorer of porcelain and ceramic collectibles
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Michael Resso is The Porcelain Doctor The Porcelain Doctor  Michael Resso is both an artist and restorer.  After over 20 years of restoring objects of art and collectibles, Michael refined his technique by completing a professional training course. The Porcelain Doctor participates in San Francisco Bay Area Antique Shows, including Walnut Creek Shadelands, Martinez Peddlers’ Faire, and The Hillsborough Antique Show.

 The Porcelain Doctor  The Porcelain Doctor restores and repairs:
Dresden Capodemonti
Meissen Roseville
Lladro Weller
Hummel Royal Dalton
Beatrice Wood Crystal
Religious artifacts Other collectibles

 The Porcelain Doctor  Examples of some repairs done by The Porcelain Doctor:

Roseville before Roseville after
Roseville before Roseville after

Cookie Jar befor Cookie Jar after
Cookie Jar before Cookie Jar after

Antique Porcelain Pot before Antique Porcelain Pot after
Porcelain Pot before Porcelain Pot after

The Porcelain Doctor is “IN”The Porcelain Doctor is “IN”
Studio located in Pinole, California

Call (510) 758-3558
                     or email Michael directly